Rebound Therapy Trampoline Package

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Rebound Therapy Trampoline Package
Package consist of an Allied M trampoline complete with 13mm webbed bed and lift/lower roller stands, pair of trampoline spotting decks complete with wedged mats and a set of steel trampoline steps complete with 2 handrails, painted and upholstered in a colour of your choice.
Great trampoline and comes complete with coverall pads, 13mm webbed bed and lift/lower rollerstands which aid in the trampoline lifting and lowering operations and also allow the trampoline to fit through a standard size door.
The size of this trampoline is 4.6m long x 2.7m wide, it is 1.0m high when open and 1970mm when closed.
Standard Flashfold Trampoline with coverall frame pads, steel springs, 13mm webbed bed and roller stands.
Length: 4.6m; Width: 2.7m; Height: 1.0m).
13mm bed, standard frame & lift/lower roller stands.

Spotting Decks

Folding, wheel-away, sprung adjustable height frame.
Carries/Stores crash mats when not in use.
Powder coated in silver.
Manufactured by ourselves in the UK

Steel Trampoline Steps

Designed to aid mounting and de-mounting of a trampoline.
Manufactured from heavy gauge 25mm box section with 40mm box section base frame for strength.
Padded steps with tough heavy duty PVC covering in a choice of colours at no extra cost.
Rubber feet to protect floor surface.
Supplied with detachable single or double handles.
Powder coated in various colours at no extra cost.
Manufactured by ourselves in the UK


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