Racquetball Racket (Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium)

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The Dunlop Blackstorm Titanium Racquetball Racket, with its graphite and titanium construction maintains a light weight specification to provide greater durability and features one-piece technology for maximum playability.
Featuring Dunlop M-FiL construction, this racket offers increased stiffness at 3 and 9 o’clock. The result is a broader sweet spot and greater stability on balls hit off-centre.
Features Powermax String Pattern, with a longer main string to create more power because of the longer string bed.
Racquetball is the fastest growing sport in the UK and is becoming increasingly popular all around the world.
Racquetball is similar to squash and is played on a Squash court bu the main distinguishable differences include a larger ball which bounces higher and a shorter racket. The larger, higher bouncing ball enables players to retrieve the ball more easily resulting in longer rallies and also means the ball does not need warming before the start of the games like that of the squash ball.
Racquetball is a fantasic alternative to squash players of an older generation who struggle to meet the physical demands of the game.


Head Size: 700 sq cm.
Construction: Graphite/Alloy.
Frame Weight: 200g.
String Pattern: 16 x 18 Powermax.
Balance: Head Light.
String Pattern: 30 – 34lbs/13 – 16kgs.
Complete with wrist strap.
Full racket cover.



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