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The all new Child and original Adult Delphin Disc ® has been developed and improved by swimming instructors for many years in swimming classes. (EN13138 1 2008 must be and is printed on eash individual disc as from January 2008). As the swimmer progresses, the number of delphin discs ® can be reduced – its so simple and works so much better than removing air from other armbands. This item is sold individually (each disc).  You will need to purchase 2 to make a pair.

They can be used immediately, no need to blow them up.
Easily fitted with no need to inflate, provides safe, sure floatation.
Virtually unbreakable under normal use.
190mm (7.5in) outer diameter.
Adult size 3.5cm thick; junior size 2cm thick.
Adult – armhole diameter 115mm (4.5in) with blue lugs (to connect together).
Child – armhole diameter 90mm (3in) no lugs. Suitable for use from 12 months approx.
Polyethylen-Foam – 100% Polyethlen.
Sold individually.
Only adult size has blue lugs to attach them together.
Colour: bright orange.

As swimming ability improves, you can “reward” your child by removing one disc per arm etc. If the child is tired and makes uncoordinated swimming movements, please add one disc. This system allows you to guide your child slowly and patiently to “free unaided swimming.” You’ll see how quickly your child enjoys learning to swim. Blowing armbands up, finding leaks caused by sharp objects or your child being afraid as you let more air out of the chambers of conventional armbands are all things of the past. The swimming discs are seawater-resistant, 100% waterproof and durable. If the inner cuff is damaged please replace the swimming disc!

Warning: Not protection against drowning

The DELPHIN DISC ® swimming discs are easy to care for and store. We recommend rinsing the swimming discs with clear water after use and storing them dry.

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Junior without lugs, Senior with lugs


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