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Curved Outdoor Speed Ladder (11 Rung)

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  • Overview

Strong, flexible speed training ladder designed for developing speed and agility.

The curved Performance Speed Ladder is one of the most popular and widely-used speed enhancement training devices available. These ladders are great for training in all sports, and help speed improvement in all directions and uses include:

Obstacle course setup.
Speed-feet pattern training.
Lateral speed training.
Balance improvement.
Correct stride techniques.
Jump training.
Arm control.
Change of direction speed training.
Multi-speed patterns.
Product Description
Rungs act as "silent coach" encouraging correct foot placement.
Tough webbing side strips keep shape between rungs consistent.
Curved ladder for angled movement providing directional training.
Lightweight yet remains in position due to superior design.
Rungs spaced for standard adult and infant stride length.
Suitable for outdoor use and can be used in all weather conditions.
Bright yellow for easy use in all lighting conditions.
Easy to clean, easy to arrange, easy to store.
Can be used when wearing training shoes or boots.

Curved design allows multi-directional training - from swerves to full circles and more.
11 rungs per ladder.

Rungs spaced 420-490mm apart.
Double stitched with anti-rot thread.
Size Details
Length: 4700mm (Rung length 400-450mm)
Width: 460mm (Rung width: 420mm)
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