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Club Turned Shot (Cantabrian)

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  • Overview

These Cantabrian Club Turned Shot Puts are an ideal budget option for competitions. They are:


Turned but not to a specific diameter

Have an accurate weight

Painted finish


Throwing weight rules for Shot Puts

So here is all the information you need for deciding what weight shot put is right for you for your age category:


Age Category Min. Weight Diameter Min. Diameter Max.
U13 Boys 3.25Kg 90mm 105mm
U15 Boys 4Kg 95mm 110mm
U17 Boys 5kg 100mm 120mm
Junior Men 6kg 105mm 125mm
Senior Men 7.26kg 110mm 130mm
Men 35-49 7.26kg 110mm 130mm
Men 50-59 6kg 105mm 125mm
Men 60-69 5kg 100mm 120mm
Men 70+ 5kg 95mm 110mm


Age Category Min. Weight Diameter Min. Diameter Max.
U13 Girls 2.72kg 85mm 110mm
U15 Girls 3kg 85mm 110mm
U17 Girls 3kg 85mm 110mm
Junior Women 4kg 95mm 110mm
Senior Women 4kg 95mm 110mm
Women 35-49 4kg 95mm 110mm
Women 50+ 3kg 85mm 110mm
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